Doors and Panels

Melamine Doors

Melamine would be one of the largest contemporary decors for your kitchen doors and panels. This product gives you a minimalist modern look with its flat surface and finished with a 1mm edge. Melamine is very durable, hygienic and made from moisture resistant (MR) board. There are many finish available, matt, textured, semi-gloss, gloss and other tactile brushed effects that adds dimensions and enhances the beauty of your kitchen. Melamine doors should be cleaned by wiping down with a damp soft cloth and warm soapy water.

Vinyl Wrap Doors

We manufacture these doors in house for quick production and our experienced staff can be sure that all doors leaving our workshop are of a high standard of quality. Our range of vacuum formed doors offer you a range of minimalist doors through to your more traditional routed styled doors. The range of routed profiles and different edge profiles gives you varied options for your kitchen project.  Available in matt, textured and high gloss finishes.

Acrylic Doors

This European inspired doors and panels range has a mirror-like high gloss level taking your kitchen and interior design to a new level of sophistication and design. It provides a high gloss finish without ripples unlike other products. There is also a lovely velvet finish also available in a selected colour for those who are after a smooth flawless surface. Colour choices include, Solid, metallic and woodgrains. Any mid to minor scratches can be buffed out using a repair kit keeping your kitchen well maintained and looking brand new.

2 Pac Doors

2-pac is a painted finish door, this is made up of two components, paint and hardener which are combined together to give your kitchen a smooth durable finish in satin or gloss. We manufacture the doors in our factory then organise them to be 2-pac painted in a state of the art spray booth. There are numerous colour choices to select from, any paint colour of your choosing to portray a sophisticated and personal touch

Timber doors

There is a sleek and stylish range of solid timber and timber veneer doors and panels. A wide range of timber species are available to assist you with your personal requirements some include Tas. Oak, Blackwood, Myrtle, Celery and more. All doors receive a 2-pac polyurethane satin finish to achieve a strong and long lasting product. Colour and grain variations occur naturally in timber and are not considered a defect. All timbers are colour matched by hand to achieve the best consistent result as possible.