An inspirational range of decors, many to select from, sure to find something to suit all tastes. Many brands of laminate are hard waring and used in residential and commercial use. Laminate tops are available in many edge profiles to suit your need, square, post formed and Taswood square form in all finishes with reasonable price tag. Some colours and finishes have been manufactured with matching Acrylic edging for a unique seamless square look, very popular with today’s market. Other finishes available give a stunning effect that varies in appearance depending on which angle the light hits the surface achieving an interesting finish full of depth.

 Engineered Stone

Stone benchtops add style, luxury and sophistication to any space. It reflect the modern style and trend of the leading designers and architects. Made up of 95% natural quartz stone, 5 % combined bonding agent, special additives and pigments, making it an extremely hard waring surface suitable for inside and outside alfresco kitchens. 20mm thick engineered stone can be mitred on the front edge to achieve a thicker more solid benchtop look to your inner designer.


The renewable nature of acrylic benchtops, means that after years of use, the surface can be sanded, restoring it back to its original condition. Due to its nature, every wipe to the kitchen benchtop will rejuvenate the surface. This exceptional versatility is enhanced by outstanding durability thanks to superior stain, scratch, bacteria, and heat resistance. Acrylic is kinder on dishes and quieter when it comes to impact of glasses, crockery and cutlery. It can be manufactured with seamless joins and doesn’t chip easily, so the material will maintain its look for many years.


Granite has long been recognised as the premium benchtop material for kitchens, bathrooms and other interior and exterior surfaces. It is a relatively expensive option, and although tough, it is not 100% stain or scratch proof.

Because it is a natural product and has not been formed by a machine there are natural variations in colour and patterning – these variations are to be to be celebrated. If a uniform and consistent look is required, an engineered stone provides greater uniformity of colour and pattern.  Granite is composed of quartz, felspars, micas and other minerals.  These minerals contribute to the colour and texture of the granite stone.  Granites get their variety of colours and patterns from minerals that are melted into the liquid mass as it is formed.


Timber comes in variety of colours, grains and species allowing you to successfully combine with your joinery. Whether you choose a more modern, contemporary feel, or a classic look, there is variety of timber that will suit your taste.  When choosing timber you should always select the highest quality and seek advice from professionals about suitable species for your benchtop.  Keep in mind that even the densest timber is softer than most other kitchen benchtop materials.

The finish of your natural timber kitchen benchtop will depend on your taste. You can select a high gloss 2-pac finish, an oiled surface or a polyurethane finish.